zeiten – schichten – schriften- Christine Läubli

29. august - 12. september 2020
kunst im bauhof / steinberggasse 61 / 8400 winterthur 

opening hours:
fr 4.9. / 11. 9.                               15 – 18 
sa 29. 8. / 5. 9. / 12. 9.                15 – 18 
tue 1. 9. / 8. 9.                             10 – 12 
vernissage: fr, 28. 8. 2020           19

«TAFch stellt aus» took place from May 23rd to 26th, 2019 at the Altstadthalle in Zug.

Bea Bernasconi, Grietje van der Veen, Christine Läubli and Ursula Suter presented themselves in this exhibition as the TAFch team in charge. Many visitors found their way to Zug, we had interesting discussions and established new contacts.

Read more in the Blogpost of Christine Läubli (in German)

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TAFch could introduce themselves with a small exhibition in the entrance area of the Textilpiazza festival in the former Hanro factory in Liestal. More info in our blog (Blog in German)


Joint exhibition of the recently established TAFch group. The exhibition was shown from June 28th to July 1st, 2012 in the Altstadthalle in Zug and met a large approval from countless visitors.

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